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ThaumArt Gallery is the second exhibition venue for 795® Art (the main venue being Giudecca 795 Art Gallery in the Venetian island of Giudecca).
ThaumArt has been focussing on new talents mastering and applying ancient and traditional  techniques in contemporary, fine and applied arts.  We promote young artists as well as masters present in public and private collections.

The place we are located (at the ground floor of Cannaregio 1190, right over the bridge connecting the Ghetto Vecchio and the Ghetto Nuovo) has been distributing energy to the whole Ghetto and its people. In fact, because of its location near a small canal (still extremely convenient for uploading and downloading goods), in past centuries this place was a warehouse of coal and wood. Later on, in 2002, a bookshop was established here, selling rare and used books, spreading the energy of Culture and Memory. Now, since June 2015, this is ThaumArt Gallery - the place for... Art with a Special Energy.


We produce, promote and sell the art of local artists mastering traditional techniques, with a contemporary twist. ThaumArt represents photographers, painters, glass artists and designers, with unique pieces styled and made in Venice: art pieces with special reference to the historical and urban context of the Ghetto, selected for their character, originality and quality after precious techniques and materials (gold leaf decoration, mosaic, hand made paper, Murano glass blowing).Our Judaica selection includes unique Murano glass artpieces, handmade and hand decorated by refined masters, and illuminated books (various editions of the Kaufmann Haggadah and the Sarajevo Haggadah).


Now you may be curious to know the meaning of our name. To make a long story short, the word Thauma, comes from Aramaic and Greek, with several meanings:

1. The wonder, amazement, prodigy, miracle, even the shock felt in front of the mystery of Life, leading to the birth of Philosophy. And probably of Art. The push to a personal search.2. Healing power.

3. Twin (gallery).

And - surprisingly - in English Thaum is :

1. The basic unity of magic, a measurement of the the smallest unit of energy necessary to accomplish a magical act. "It takes a thaum to pull a rabbit out of a hat".


Isn't it amazing? :) 


"Che cose bellissime! Ho un pezzo di Venezia a casa mia"

Andrea, Milano


"Sending you the photos of your glass pieces in my new home. Fantastic! Thank you"

Elizabeth, Greece


“Excellent and service. Can't wait to visit your shop again. Take care and keep up the good work ”

Ruth. L.A.

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