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ThaumArt Gallery has been evoted to celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice (founded in 1516),  offering a special insight over the ghetto, its more recent past and  its present life, sharing a vision of a peculiar, quiet and genuine area of Venice where time seems to pass more slowly. A special energy has spread from the place that in past centuries used to be the a warehouse for coal and wood,  before becoming an old books bookstore and later an art shhiop. 

Since June 2015, the ThaumArt Gallery is the place for Art with a Special Energy.

We produce, promote and sell the art of local artists - or artists who have chosen Venice as their second hometown - mastering Italian art traditional techniques with a personal touch and a contemporary twist.


ThaumArt is now going digital, and you will be soon able to find our items in the e-shop. No doubt it will be easy to stay in touch. And if you have visited us during the photo show, you'll go a special route! Request us the password to access the additional contents.

The word Hai חי (Life, Living) is one of the most important and powerful words in Hebrew. Our registered trademark is a vision of this same word "embedded" in our place's façade. It appears to mark and indicate our entrance door, our main window,  the bridge connecting areas, histories, people, and cultures.  While "Thauma"... it's a longer  story (see here).
Both our logo and 795 are registered trademarks 

A photo exhibit full of life

If you missed the show "Passato Prossimo - Recent Past - photographs 1986-2016" hosted by the Jewish Museum of Venice on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Ghetto, you can still get some flavour from its catalogue  and prints, also available for shows by invitation in your own venue.

If interested, contact us for more information.


We represent photographers, painters, glass artists and designers, showing art pieces with special reference to the historical and urban context of the Ghetto. Another theme we care for is the theme of memory and history, this time not necessarily connected with the local trandtion but more inspired by human feelings.   

Gold leaf decoration, glass mosaic,  Murano glass blowing terracotta, hand making of paper, calcography are some of the techniques we are presenting. 

"ThaumArt displays an astonishing collection of photos, and the most beautiful Murano glass cups I've ever seen". 
Robert  Tylor

Our Judaica selection includes unique Murano glass artpieces, handmade and hand decorated, and various editions of the Kaufmann's and the Sarajevo Haggadah. Originally designed items such as Hamsa and charms are also available

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